PLATFORM: iPhone / iPod touch

DEVELOPER: Millipede Creative Development

GENRE: Physics Puzzler / Vandalism Simulator

RELEASE DATE: Tuesday 24 April, 2012

PRICING:  Free with In App Purchases


“Like the smell of your own farts, Bullistic Unleashed is hilarious, offensive and uniquely satisfying.” – your mum.

The bulls are out to crush the mall and it’s your job to help them by flinging these anti-social bovines across huge levels, smashing everything (and everyone) in sight. Use pinball bumpers, exploding crates, elevators and barrel cannons to keep your bull in play and rack up massive damage.



  • Intuitive gameplay – pull back on the bulls to launch them at the environment. “Derivative” you say? Hey, it’s all about where you take your inspirations to, not from*. In our case, that’s the gutter. By way of a strip club. Alcohol may also have been involved. It’s all a bit hazy to be honest.
  • Super-sized smashups – huge levels to vandalize with multiple floors, elevators, pinball bumpers and barrels to shoot out of
  • Bulls to the wall action – six special bulls to unlock, each with their own unique destructive skills
  • It ain’t easy being a b!$tard – the shop owners are fighting back with meat-grinders and irresistible lady cows. F@$kers.
  • Advanced Bullshit Engine – could this be the first video game in the world to accurately simulate bovine fecal matter?
  • Go F your Friends – send F cards to friends, relatives or random strangers from within the game, they’ll love you for it.

* according to Jean Luc-Godard anyway. Also, maybe it’s time to learn the difference between a genre and the most popular game in the genre. Just saying.



Millipede Creative Development “direct, design and develop games, applications, services and experiences for mobile platforms, physical spaces and the web”. In other words, brands and companies pay them to make awesome games and apps for iOS & Flash.

The team is full of passionate game developers and lead by a guy with a mind in the gutter so they have always wanted to build something for themselves. In early 2011 they did just that, releasing Bullistic, a free physics puzzler starring a bunch of antisocial bulls and a china shop.

Originally intended just to be a fun project to give to clients and show off the team’s capabilities, the game was picked up for new and noteworthy by Apple and has been downloaded by tens of thousands of players. It reached the dizzy heights of #4 free app in Australia and New Zealand and #3 in Mexico!

The team decided that perhaps they were on to something and set about creating a bigger, better, ruder version of the concept, even receiving funding support from Film Victoria to accomplish this task. Fast-forwards to mid-2012 and that game is here – Bullistic Unleashed.

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