PLATFORM: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

DEVELOPER: Three Phase Interactive

GENRE: Stunt / Physics Puzzle


STORE LINKS: Android  / App Store

DOWNLOAD PRESS KIT: Android Press Kit  / Apple Press Kit


Relive the life of a Hollywood stuntman as it flashes before his eyes. Crash, explode, catch on fire, crash and crash again before finally you succeed… then it’s on to the next stunt until at last you come to his final leap.


  • Genuine physics-based stunt jump game – set the ramp angle and manage your speed and in-air balance to land the jump
  • Impressive vehicle list – master the many vehicles from bikes to monster trucks, each with its own unique characteristics
  • Extensive “addon” system – purchase add-ons to your vehicles and gadgets including nitrous, ejector seats and car parachutes for rapid braking
  • Over-the-top stunts and level design – overcome obstacles including flying helicopters, moving traffic and windmills to pull off insane stunts and please the movie director
  • Huge number of stunts to master – 76 levels await across three movies, now tweaked with hints to help complete the insane stunts.
  • Multi-Language support – localisation available for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.


Three Phase Interactive is comprised of three former Blue Tongue Entertainment employees.

Paul Baker wanted to use his experience as a lead programmer in a AAA studio to create something of his own. Chris Burns approached him and they started working together, with Drew Morrow joining the fold as the studio really took flight.

Paul and Chris share a mutual love for cars and motorcycles, and they wanted to explore that with Stunt Jumper. What started out as a simple idea of a 2D car going over a jump has quickly turned into a full garage of vehicles, along with a full set of customisation options that mirror their passion.

The team believes in delivering raw gameplay rather than narrative-driven experiences. By offering a large amount of player customisation, each player can enjoy a unique gameplay experience. While the team is looking to branch out with something new for their next release, they feel that player customisation is something that will always be important to them.

Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years was released in October 2012 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Three Phase Interactive has just released the game for Android devices this year, along with a content update for both versions.

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