It’s time for the Surprise Attack Weekly WIP – where we bring you five of the most useful and interesting stories for indie devs to come out of the games industry this week past. Without delay, here our picks for this weeks’ WIP: Microsoft have detailed the trade off for indie devs involved in the […]

The Voxel Agents are an elite team of game developers based in Melbourne, Australia with a not-so-secret mission: to create unique, fun, addictive games for “on-the-go” times. Back in early 2009, not long after finishing their studies, core members Simon Joslin [Creative Director], Tom Killen [Director] and Matthew Clark [Technical Director] combined their game-making powers […]

The democratisation of development through engines such as Unity and platforms such as iOS has been a phenomenal development and wonderful for both gamers and developers. However, with such an abundance of games comes a problem – how on earth do you stand out from the other hundred or so games that release every week and the tens of thousands of games already in the market?